Driving Offences

While many driving infractions are covered by the Highway Traffic Act there are a number of distinct offences that attract criminal code consequences.

Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving is one of the more common driving offences. This charge is broken down in a similar way to assault charges; Dangerous Driving, Dangerous Driving causing Bodily Harm, and Dangerous Driving causing Death. It should not be surprising that the penalties increase with the seriousness of the offence.

In addition to the criminal code punishments for driving offences there are often punishments or sanctions from the Ministry of Transport that apply on conviction, the typical and often most detrimental is a driving prohibition.

Driving While Prohibited

While this charge is self-explanatory the punishments can be harsh. The starting position in many jurisdictions for this offence is 30-60 days in jail. This can often be negated through effective representation and advocacy on your behalf.


Sentencing for driving related offences varies greatly depending on the specific charge and the consequences of the action. Of additional concern is that for some offences there are mandatory minimum sentences as well as mandatory driving prohibitions.




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